Get Rs. 300 Recharge In Just Rs. 54 At Freecharge

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Hello Guys I Found A trick on Internet this deal is very good and safe for us..

1- First of all download freecharge app

2- After download Login/Signup To your account..

3- Now start a recharge of rs 50 or more..

4- And Complete it by using credit/debit card..

5- After  that you will get rs 50 cashback coupon As Offer..

6- Now again initial a recharge of rs 50 and select the coupon for Rs 1 ( you will see when skip the coupon )

7- Now you will see rs 51 on final payment page apply your cashback coupon which you have get..

8- you will get again a discount coupon from freecharge now finnaly pay rs 1 using your debit card..

9- its all done you pay only first time, And Rs 1 Every Time By debit card....

Friends Use this trick Now Otherwise It can expire any Time

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1 comment:

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