Top 3 Free Recharge App Paying Highest Referral Money

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List Of Free Recharge Apps For Android

There are many free recharge app for android, like Mcent, Earntalktime, Ladooo, Cashboss, Cashon, Taskbucks, FreeB, etc. Mcent is one of the best recharge app from a long time and millions of users are using it daily for free recharge. Earntalktime is another earning app which pays high recharge on downloading apps and referring your friends.

Top Free Recharge Apps

1- Earntalktime

Earning Per Refer: Rs. 100 per referral . Guaranteed earning of Rs. 20 per friend on registeration. Bonus of Rs. 80 when friend earns Rs. 160 on Earntalktime.

Highest Download Bonus: Rs. 40 for OLX, Rs. 30 for Amazon, etc.

Special Bonus: Register today and win up to Rs. 1000 when you download your first app.

2- MCent

Earning Per Refer: Earn Rs. 70 for each friend who signs up and tries out an app.

Highest Download Bonus: Rs. 50 for Food Panda app, Rs. 30 for Twitter, etc.

3- Ladooo

Earning Per Refer: Rs. 58 / friend who joins & installs 1 app

Highest Download Bonus: Rs. 40 for Food Panda, Rs. 15 for OLX, etc.

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