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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Contact Killer Sniper 3.0.0 Modded Apk+Data 79MB Free Download



Becoming a master of assassin and do the most amazing action in the game brought by GLU. You are hired to intrude secure areas and get rid of some targets that are high profile. Employs deadly attacks and always in your path of only rule, Respect the Contract. CK: SNIPER is more than an action game  but also the strategy to create well-placed shot to the target and always stay within the contract rule.


Select Your Contracts

Eradicate a group of adversaries, destruct whole bases or spot out the single target that values most. The next goals are in your hands.

Scrutinize and Shoot down

Get involved on more than 250 missions and deal with unique goal campaigns. Scrutinize targets from far then shoot them down with accurate shots, strike enemy main head on or intrude the lines without revealing your identity

Upgraded Modifiable Armory

Boost your guns and sources protections to defend your stockpile. Reload your rifles for sniper and assaults, heavy firearms, tesla weapon, rocket triggers, throwing blades, first aid kit and etc.

Combat for Player vs Player Primacy

Attack other players’ sources, steal their infrastructures and be the undefeatable champion on the PvP mode

Grasp Your Surroundings

Select your way through every objective and use protection to your benefit. Deactivate sentry weapons, explode the denotative objects and avoid incoming attack

Adventure the Worls

Move invisibly from a location to another and get deal with the latest world class contract. It is all in your hand to be the uttermost global mercenary.

Classy and mesmeric tablet device video game!


New mission to destroy Brazilian drug dealer in the new region of South America

Make use the found parts to build drones for protect your base

Move gun parts and set up new powerful guns

Win exclusive prizes by dominating top gamers

Some solution related to bug and minor issues

CK: Sniper can be played for free but it has several items that must be purchased with real money especially for extra goods. All properties and designs of the game app, personal data and collection are subjected to Glu’s Mobile. Check out the ToS and PP from The game app also offers in-app buying. The current version of CK: Sniper is v.2.0. to play this game, the device must support android version of 3.0 Honeycomb or higher.

> Extract File
> Install Apk
> Move Data To SDcard/android/obb
> Play Online



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