PokePro ~ Pokémon Go Radar v1.7.1 APK

Do you want to catch a Pokemon, but have no idea about where it will appear?

We offer real time Spawns of all Pokemon either in your area or where you drag your map with the ability to scan a certain radius so you can see up to 5 miles every direction.

Please watch the demo video for a brief tutorial.

We also offer Pokemon exclusion so you don’t have to see 500 rattata or Pidgey if you don’t want to. We have many more features including listing pokestops and it tells you if they have lures on them and also gyms and who they are owned by.

This app is NOT a crowd sourced map but a fully live map.
it is a radar map that shows you precisely where a currently spawned pokemon is at in real time.

PokePro – Pokemon GO radar is not associated with the official Pokemon Go game, Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. This app is built by fans aiming to assist players and create a healthy community for the game. If there’s any concern please contact us and we will take immediate action.


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POKEPRO ~ Pokémon Go Radar V1.7.1 APK

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